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Originally Posted by alpenwasser View Post
10 months? Sounds familiar... Durchdiener?

Ah yes, 6-32 UNC... Those are some nice standoffs! I turned to eBay when I
was facing a similar predicament.

Luckily I recently found out my neighbour has a mill and a lathe in his basement, so I'll be
able to make use of his services (he's a pensioner, lots of free time, and he used to be in
the semiconductor industry, so he's definitely interested in PC's ) for my copper tubing and
some other stuff.

Looking forward to more of this.
Genau ich ha Durchdiener gmacht (Flügersdt), so mueni kei WKs verschiebe wägem Studium.

It's great to have someone with such tools and who knows how to make the stuff you need for your rig.
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