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Originally Posted by cerbrus2 View Post

i have the 1066mhz dominator best i could fined on the bay of e. been looking for the tpower but cant fined it anywhere. same as the ep45t. i suppose if they are that good at overcloking people wont want to sell them lol.
The EP45T Extreme is the easy one to find.

Biostar Tpower I45 i rare to find because they had a bad habit of dying.

I manage to find two Tpower I45 boards and one of them did die after a bench session.

And if you find a Rampage Extreme board at a low price when buy it!

Even the bad ones did 550+ MHz fsb.

I have only bench a few times on the newer P5Q Deluxe motherboards and i hate them. 500 MHz fsb is easy enough on them but anything higher then that is a real challenge.


This might be worth a look.

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