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Looks like you had a great time m8

And im glad to here that you like the pot.

Best motherboards for LGA775 overclocking is Biostar Tpower I45, Rampage Extreme (X48), DFI Lanparty P45 some of them did 700 MHz fsb and gigabyte EP45T extreme.

I use a Biostar Tpower I45 and it is great for overclocking. But the only problem is that you have to find some insanly good DDR2 ram to reach 600+ mhz fsb and it's bloody hard to find the good ddr2 rams now.

I managed to borrow a set of rare Corsair DDR2 ram called fat boys why i don't know but 1250+ MHz with CL4 timmings is not something you see every day
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