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Here is a few pics and a vid from today.

Every thing went well for my first time using Dry ice.

Unfortunatly the MB Let me and my m8 down big time Dispite having a 700MHz FSB it just would not hold stable anything above 500MHZ, after a scout about on the net it seems as though this was the maximum for the DFI Infinity Dark. But with a noctua I was only able to get 3.8 out of the E6600 CPU, And that was not stable either.

But we where able to run benchmarks at 4GHz And then when we went for gold. And stoped running the benchmarks we got the E6600 Up to 4510.22MHz Just got the validation file But unfortunatly the Computer froze Before I could get a screen shot so no HWBot upload for CPU OC.

However the 3dmark 2001 Score I got Put me into the Overclockers league, And of course earned some more points for the OC3D Bench team.

Definatly loved the whole experience, And I am on the Look out for a PQ5 Dulux As they are supposed to be the best to OC on S775.

Only problem is now Is that I have 6Kg's of Dry ice left lol. So if anyone is in the Hampshire Area and fancys some dry ice PM me lol other wise We will use it to produce fog at our old school land party on Saterday

Any way a few pics.

First off The best validation we got from the E6600


The initial Setup.

First boot up

HW monitor Screenshot.

No matter what we did the CPU core temp did not change from 5c im putting this down to the actual software. The bios also cant display minus figures so it was showing the CPU temp at 87C had us worried for a wile untill i booted into windows and checked HWmonitor.

It was getting Dark in my mates garden lol

And a quick vid of the setup.


DFI Infinity Dark P965-S

Corsair Dominator 1066MHz

TAGAN BZ 800watt PSU

Special Thanks to Rasmus

Who sorted me out with the dry ice pot and some advice.

He supplied everything I needed with the pot. including a temprature probe, Unfortunatly my temprature guage hadent arrived in time so was unable to use it.
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