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so its been 11 days at 5 ghz and everything was fine (had the voltage at 1.39 not higher) but yesterday --> today i kept getting BSODs........ so i dropped it back to my 4.8 at 1.335v which was what i was using for months and months (pratically since i got the chip) but now even that is not stable (and it was a rock before ) folding at 5ghz (even with good temps) must have degraded the chip

my advice would be NEVER go over 1.37v with SB ... man i'm ed, now i'm gonna have to start again and try to find a good clock with low volts (because i still wanna fold with it whenever i can, but at the same time i dont want any more degredation )

but funny fact at stock a 2500k folding wont go over 45C with WCing
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