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I consider myself an enthusiast, sure I cannot afford new tech, but I am enthused by it.
This whole "super" thing is ludicrous and people are blindly buying into it.
What many seem to be oblivious to, or choose to ignore is the fact that these super cards are what you should have gotten in the first place, but nvidia being nvidia knew they could do this to make even more money.
Just as intel gave us incremental improvements and 4 cores for 10 years, because they could.
It is milking the market as much as possible and the only people these companies care about is the share holder and thus profit margins is and always will be at the forefront of everything they do.
AMD will do the same if they are in a such a commanding position.

RTX is a gimmick and an excuse to milk nothing more.

If you want the fastest and don't care what the cost is then go right ahead, fill your boots.
If I had shelled out £700 for a 2080 at launch, I would be mighty ed at this refresh.

Stop saying its fine to give a little for a lot more cash, that's plain stupid seriously.
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