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With more intensive games it'd be more likely that they'd train models for 1080p that could be used across higher end hardware, but at the moment I assume most games would hit framerates on an RTX2080 at 1080p that would make DLSS regularly switch itself off automatically due to being incapable of delivering further framerate benefits.

Essentially for the best results with DLSS you need to train several models for each game for different common resolutions, and even sometimes aspect ratios and major graphical settings changes, and the accuracy of these models(Which are very intensive and time consuming to make) becomes far more important at lower resolutions, and for an RTX2080 you might want to train a model separately for max settings including RTX in order to cover any realistic use case for someone being able too enable DLSS, rather than attempting to use the same model for 1080p from the 2060 up.
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