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Another strip down commenced. I cancelled some orders once I had a chat with myself and got a grip on mindless expenditure.

I managed to fit 2 x 60mm thick rads in the Dynamic, the 360 is primary push / pull on the side with a Mayhems 240 in push on the top. I've also cleared the bottom deck for the Aquareo install further down the line.

Some pics...

240/60 rad with fans has about 0.25cm clearance from the top of the board making the EATX 12V cable routing interesting. You would not do it with a braided setup.

The XSPC RX 360/60 and Mayhems 240/60 are basically flush with each other.

Which allowed me to come with an interesting parts bin raid to hook up

Loop is as follows:

Pump to GPU to CPU to 240/60 rad to 360/60 rad to Pump / Res with drain coming off return pipe.

Pump Out, In & Drain solution:


CPU to Rad 240/60

Some Bokeh for giggles

Tidied up the parts bin from the last few builds

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