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Notes on today's build. I've only been able to use 1 fat rad, anything over 45mm won't fit top or bottom. I'll probably get a couple of skinny 240s to pad out the cooling a bit. Fat 360 on the side, slim one's top and bottom. Or a slim 360 on top exhausting and keep the bottom free for a horizontal res with a couple of fans sucking air in.

Compared to the Phanteks, the Lian-Li even at half the price is in a different class build quality wise. No sharp edges, no screw issues, hhd mounts are a different league.

I've kept the EK Velocity in while I order the AquaComputer block for the CPU. The mounting screws are a mm too thick for the original backplate so I had to use an older one and I'm not absolutely sure it has enough pressure. Idle is varying from 36C to 42C probably an ambient delta of 10C to 12C. Loaded and it goes off the charts.

I jimmyd together a drain using bits and bobs which works well but is too bulky, needs a redesign as does the loop on general, but this was thrown together just to see

Ref the fans pulling in from the side, I will probably make up 3 shrouds to get closer to the side vents.
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