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I don't know why people are complaining. AMD gave you an option when first Ryzen launched to use any board with any CPU. Please don't put 12 core CPU on the cheapest B350 motherboard. AM4 will be supported until 2020, so at least one more CPU release. Choose your board and be happy with it, and stop complaining.

Ryzen 3000, as have all Ryzen releases before it, is months too early. Again with AGESA updates every few days. Bugs left, right and center. Playback in Premiere not working, Destiny 2 not working. CPUs not hitting advertised clocks. It is not possible that AMD devs didn't know about this stuff. Even Wendell from Level1techs has no clue what is happening and that tells you a lot. It is a good product, but it is a mess at the moment.
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