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There is a difference between AMD supporting a feature, and motherboard manufacturers forcing it to work. As said above it's all about signal integrity, something that's only reliably achieved on X570.

X570 boards are overbuilt, they need to be to guarantee stability in the long haul and to allow PCIe 4.0 to work on PCIe lanes that are far from the CPU and are connected to the chipset or other I/O sections of a motherboard. X570 offers PCIe 4.0 all over the place, whereas 400-series boards can only offer it in some circumstances on only the top PCIe 16x lane (even then rarely), and on the primary M.2 slot that connects directly to the CPU.

Don't expect PCIe 4.0 to work on M.2 slot 2, or on strange configurations where PCIe lanes were split or had some other strangeness going on. MSI's Godlike motherboards etc come to mind.

The lack of consistency is what forced AMD to not officially support PCIe 4.0 on 400 series motherboards. Beyond that, most 400-series boards on the market today probably lack drop in support for Ryzen 3rd Gen, which adds even more problems into the mix for new buyers.
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