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Originally Posted by Avet View Post
The prominent issue is signal integrity. You can see that m.2 slots are just below the CPU. They are very close and, as stated in the article, those are primary m.2 slots with CPU lanes. Also with PCIe x16 slot, only boards that don't support SLI/CF have some support for PCIe 4.0. Again, they have only one PCIe slot that is connected to CPU. Boards that have lane dividers (a bunch of those square chips that you see between PCIe slots) and support for SLI/CF, in this case, higher-end boards, don't support PCIe 4.0. The second slot is very far from the CPU, and lane dividers don't support PCIe 4.0. That why you need better-built PCBs, and different components. ITX boards have extremely densely packed PCBs, with traces going all around everywhere so I assume it is too noisy to keep adequate signal integrity for PCIe 4.0, hence no support.

PCH has nothing to do with support on x470 boards because support is related only to CPU lanes.

If you know very basic stuff about PCIe lanes, and how stuff is organized on the motherboard it is very logical and makes sense.

If there are any engineers there please correct me if I am wrong.
Hey, Not doubting this is possible the article even mentions that there should be no reason why those that have over engineered their PCI-e interface cannot.
Doubting as to why a Robert Hallcock of AMD tells the world if you want PCI-e 4 on any of its chips you have to buy an x570 and then Asus come out and say this was not true.
This is an error we are correcting. Pre-X570 boards will not support PCIe Gen 4. There's no guarantee that older motherboards can reliably run the more stringent signaling requirements of Gen4, and we simply cannot have a mix of "yes, no, maybe" in the market for all the older motherboards. The potential for confusion is too high.
When final BIOSes are released for 3rd Gen Ryzen (AGESA 1000+), Gen4 will not be an option anymore. We wish we could've enabled this backwards, but the risk is too great.
Watch TTL's own review on the Ryzen 3 chips where he talks about how x570 is going to be more expensive and how this is justified. or GN or J2C or any other review
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