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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
I would personally wait for after market cards. That's something AMD needs to fix. They need aftermarket cards from the start. Not a month later.

The first impression is the most important. They never cash in on that with crappy blower cards.
As much as I don't like blower coolers, there is a clear reason why they are used for "reference" designs. There is a reason why Nvidia's latest Founders Editions are not reference, and it's not just because of their factory overclock and pricing.

Blower coolers work well with every PC, requiring little thought when it comes to airflow. Avial designs require great case airflow to work optimally, whereas the "out the rear" exhaust nature of blower coolers simplifies things significantly.

From a design perspective, a blower style reference cooler works well in basically all environments, especially in small form factor builds and OEM systems.

I do agree that AMD needs to work with OEMs to have launch ready custom cards. Enthusiasts don't want blower cards.
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