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Originally Posted by AngryGoldfish View Post
Yeah, I'm thinking that's it. At first I thought they were being greedy trying to cash in on Nvidia's new pricing standards and got bitten by it big time. They still have done that a little, but it looks like they anticipated dropping their prices.

I'll be quite interested in a 5700 or a 5700 XT if I can sell my GTX 1080 for £300 or thereabouts. I know it's totally a side-grade, but I would like an all-AMD build finally and nothing else from either companies interest me.
Deffo wait for reviews because I've seen hints this could be another hot potato. Remember, they're outgunned and outnumbered so they'll have to push them hard and - eeww, blower.
"Those really high 20 series prices are just place holders"

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