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Thread: HBM2 vs GDDR6 ?
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Those aren't really side by side comparisons though, they're different chips with different archs and quite different memory compression schemes, as well as cache sizes.

HBM2 and GDDR6 both use very similar memory dies, they're just packaged in different ways and with different interface specs. HBM's magic is all in the reduced path length to the processor and wide bus width enabled by the ability to connect the chips straight via an interposer.

HBM2 is lower latency than GDDR6 regardless of load and actually more consistent at lower loads, it definitely has fewer benefits at lower load/resolution but to says it's slower doesn't really make sense, they both perform more or less equally at lower loads.

What you're seeing is much more likely the RTX Titan being a better baseline performer but taking a larger hit at higher loads, than the Titan V somehow becoming slower under lower load. You've no way of working out which is true simply from observing performance between the two cards, but by observing/understanding their memories differences it's fairly easy to work out which of the two otherwise equally valid explanations for what you're observing is the real one I'd say, because only one explanation is logical or has a viable cause(But both would exhibit exactly the same external symptoms).
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