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Thread: HBM2 vs GDDR6 ?
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Old 15-06-19, 12:38 PM
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HBM is more compact and lower power, more efficient in many ways so yeah. Bandwidth now is in the same ballpark atm, 256bit GDDR6(Navi, RTX2070/2080) will soon have the same max bandwidth as 2-stacks of HBM2(Same 512GB/s as Vega1) . 384bit GDDR6 (2080Ti/Titan) will have the same max bandwidth as 3 stacks of HBM. 4 stacks of HBM2 as on RVII has a max of 1TB/s vs 384bit GDDR6's 0.75TB/s.

Theoretically you could make a 512-bit GDDR6 bus with the same bandwidth as 4-stacks of HBM2, it'd just be large, complex and very high power, so probably more expensive in the end because of the memory controller size.

So basically, if you want more than 768GB/s of bandwidth(Not very useful for games but great for many other applications) you realistically need HBM2 atm, otherwise you don't and it's probably not worth the cost, but it's still got other small benefits(Efficiency & size).
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