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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
If the connection is bad then the voltage can lower hence the line. IIRC the "ribbon" type edge connection works in lines.

I had an Acer a few years ago that developed lines. When I took it apart I found that if I applied pressure to the edge the lines vanished. However as I said, it's not repairable. Not by any means I know of any way. I found my Acer had actually rusted inside due to the immense humidity in the room over summer (BITD with a GTX 280 and a hot pre 80+ PSU).

If it were more sporadic I'd suspect something else, but the fact it's in a perfect line kinda rings alarm bells for me.

Yeah always appears in the same place and often would see other things appear on screen in that faded look like small square or possible text (which is why i thought it was some kind of burn in) but bizarrely past few days it has not happened at all, but i guarantee in a week or two it will come back
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