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I know the 1050Ti and presumably this card are rated as having 75W "maximum" TDPs by NVidia but I feel at stock they can't be using that power target in none 6-pin variants while remaining within the PCIe spec. The PCIe spec only allows 66W @ 12V through the slot, while the remaining 9W is for 3.3v power, and so the GPU core (Which would get its power from the VRM which will take a 12V input for cleaner, stabler & higher efficiency power) would conventionally be limited to 66W. I'm sure every board could still pull 75W and most can probably go a lot further than that without issue and you could probably easily force the power target but I assume they must ship all the cards in spec? I guess technically they could burst upto 73W without breaking spec but does anyone know how this worked with the last cards?

(I know 9W doesn't sound like a lot but squeezing out 10% more on these little cards can have a noticeable difference to playability in some games, and these cards are perfect for cheap low bandwidth eGPU docks like the GDC EXP Beast, allows you to power it with a cheap portable 12V 7.5A laptop style adaptor)
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