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That's because people expected to be able to actually afford 2000 series cards to be fair, for a while you could get a GTX1080Ti for the same price as the cheapest RTX card. Besides NVidia also messed up massively with the marketing for the 2000 series, so bad they had to revert to making up a new branding series for their mainstream cards.

Realistically, as soon as NVidia can create something faster than Volta on 7nm for enterprise customers they will because that market can't wait around, presumably the yields of pre-EUV 7nm aren't strong enough to allow for the >450mm^2 dies required to match GV100's core count, which I guess Vega20's 331mm^2 die with seemingly spotty yields has proven so far.

For reference, AMD/TSMC refer to EUV 7nm as 7nm+, and I don't think we should expect any truly big die 7nm GPUs until that comes. Modern node transitions take a while until they're favourable for big high performance devices, hence why Intel are waiting until 10nm++ till they replace 14nm for performance parts too, and why they brought out 22nm refreshes on desktop for around 18 months after 14nm "launched".
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