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Originally Posted by name='VonBlade'
Impressive bit of kit. So many good products being released lately that we're almost starting to need a "OC3D top three recommendations" for catergories

Btw, did I miss the noise results? 100+cfm @ 30db sounds too good to be true.

Like the aluminium finish, just wish manu's would stop slapping big-ass stickers on them. We know what it can do, we've already brought it. Yeesh.
I dont really like to make any official noise comments on PSU's these days, but in the new 'Performance Overview' chart there is a 'Noise' section which I rate at either Low, Med or High based on how noisy it sounds at full load with my ear pressed against it.

The Z1000M certainly sounded low - in fact it hardly seemed to increase the fan speed (or at least the noise associated with a fan speed increase) through any of the loads.

I'm looking into a fan bypass switch for the load testers so I can briefly turn the fans off for long enough to hear the PSU. Thing is, even the bloody oscilloscope has a fan in it, so its never going to be a perfect analysis.
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