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My first car was a Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 04 6 speed standard tricked out. I had to sell that and was out of a car for a while. Were losing our house and ive been landed with 2 Mustangs!

67 GTA and 68.

Im currently in the process of making them nice. I can get pics now if ya want but they are kinda ugly right now from primer.

The 67 GTA has a 289 "Hi-po" in it with 4 barrell Holley intake

The 68 has a rebuilt 200 Straight Line 6 but im tearing a Boss 302 out of a smashed up truck right now to put in it. Gonna be a pain though cause im turning an automatic into a standard (The 68) but it will be worth it having 2 nice muscle cars under my name. I will only insure the one im driving though. Being 19 (almost 20) with 2 old muscle cars? Insurance = ouch
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