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I'm liking the curve.

All my previous monitors have been flat panels, and when looking for a monitor I wanted something with G-Sync, 1440p, 144Hz and over 30" in size, wasn't bothered if it was curved or not.

I was looking at all different monitors but none of them tickled my fancy other than an Asus one and given my history with Asus and there products I just instantly said "not a chance" and went with the Acer.

Thankfully there are no dead pixels and the 165hz overclock seems to be perfectly fine as well

Played a single Solo game on PUBG and normally what I found was I would run in to someone in the same building and it didn't matter what I had or what they had, I would loose the fight almost 99% of the times, today though ran in to someone in a warehouse and managed to win the fight, then sniping later in the game it just felt so crisp it was glorius.

Played some Destiny 2 and it looks and feels amazing.

Going to try some more games over the next few days but so far, I am shaking my head asking myself the age old question "Why did I not do this sooner?"
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