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Originally Posted by WYP View Post
It competes with the 2070, at least according to the rumours. I'll re-read everything and make sure that's clear. Could be a 2070/2080 typo there. Thanks.
It ought to given the price.

The worst part of all will be the $ to perf, though. It's the same crap it's been for two years.

And I'll bet now it's hot and loud and overclocks none. It has to be that way with NVIDIA being so far out ahead.

That's almost new console money I reckon and I know what will be more fun and get more exclusives.

I'm seriously impressed with my PS4. And that's just a vanilla one. Every time I use my consoles I'm reminded what a total plank I've been to sink £3g into my P.C.

Then again not using it much has saved me £25pm which is not to be sniffed at!

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