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Always good to get things off your chest and there is me with mild stress of not being able to pay my council tax fully and on time cause I forgot about the date and simply didn't have the extra, emailed them so idk tbh a very small thing looking at your stress.

I'm sorry for what happened to your situation, life really does throw curve balls at us and while your feeling down the current situation in the world sure isn't going to help matters.

Getting outside for walks with the dog will help a little, but take this time to decide what you want and how your going to find help support to get to there even if it's just replacing the old with new and yeah that is a mountain of issues in that alone and your day to day isn't good atm.

I have my own health issues so I understand a few things about my mind, but for me distraction is often the best thing you can do, by far not the easiest but it can help a small amount.

I don't think the gofundme is a bad idea people that can help will I often look at the world in a bleek way but there are good people out there and you shouldn't feel bad about asking for some help when you need it even if it's only to get things back on the right road it'll take some time to get it all sorted but give it time and i hope that it'll work out for the better and this will just be another bump in the road of lifes many hills.
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