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3 Peaks Challenge (24 Hours) - Sponsorship

Howdy everybody!

This coming weekend, I'm doing the 3 Peaks Challenge which is getting to the top of the tallest mountain in England (Scafell Pike), Wales (Snowdon) and Scotland (Ben Nevis).

Ben Nevis 1344 - Metres

Snowdon 1085 - Metres

Scafell Pike 987 - Metres

We are aiming to do all 3 of these in 24 hours including travelling time. Some people do this over 2 - 3 days or even a week so doing it in 1 day is quite tough. Need a bit of luck on your side with traffic and weather.

Aaaaaaanyway there are about 40 - 50 of us doing this in 3 teams made up of several groups. There are 5 of us that are in our lil group but we're all raising money towards the same goal.

The cause

To raise money for the 4aJ Foundation Clean Water Expedition to Nicaragua.

There will be 15 or so people making that trip to access and channel a fresh, permanent water supply to the village of Achuapa. Sadly I'm not making that journey

Basically this is me asking if anyone will sponsor me on the 3 Peaks Challenge and help raise money towards the ultimate goal of the trip to Nicaragua.

If you do sponsor, please leave a comment and that the end just put oc3d so I know it came from here

I know money is tight at the moment for a hell of a lot of people but any little donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated!

To sponsor and read a bit more about it click here

Many thanks to anyone who sponsors
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