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All lag including input lag can only manifest itself as visual or audible lag in the end as those are the only senses your computer can give you feedback from(usually), all these elements including the TV and most USB hardwares 8ms of lag adds up to create one type of lag, that between your inputs and what you see.

Well, this is of course a heavily controller focussed experience, hence why the controller connects to the server directly via WiFi to avoid the USB & bluetooth lag side of things, which are both far from perfect and on a similar scale as many modern fully wired fibre connections. It's of course never going to work well with a mouse and keyboard shooter or something.

Whether or not it works well generally will likely depend on how well distributed their infrastructure is and how good a users internet is, mostly.

For reference though, I'm on old 2.4Ghz WiFi with a cheap ISP supplied router and I get 15ms when pinging google, less than a 60fps frames render time.
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