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If you wanted all new then a good balance with that GPU would probably be around a Ryzen 2600, B450 mITX motherboard and 8GB of DDR4, should end up a tad under £300(You could spend ~£60 more on the CPU for a 3600 with much better single threaded perf. and/or another ~£40 for 16GB RAM though from there) leaving £200 or so for case, power supply, SSD and HDD and a suitable aftermarket cooler if required which should be enough room for the less expensive ITX routes. Some ITX cases nowadays use an SFX PSU and/or a setup that kinda requires an AIO watercooler to reduce footprint, AIO route might end up abit heavier though if you're moving it a lot(But less anxiety inducing than moving something with a tower cooler).
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