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Originally Posted by QuietOne View Post
Well imho it wasn't really worth it, my OC before the flash my core was 1224Mhz and RAM was 7002Mhz at 1187mV.

After the flash I could get 1267Mhz core and 7200Mhz RAM at 1200mV and started artifacting above +130Mhz offset. Valley score was 3055 on the flashed Bios with OC which is slightly more than around high 2800 and low 2900 on stock Bios with OC.

If it's under water then it may be worth it but going from 72 degrees max to 80 on air just isn't worth it for me and I really value my GPU and it's lifespan. So it's now back to my backed up stock Bios.
Which bios did you use ? SVL7 or Skyn3ts ?
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