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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
Why do you ask such easy questions you already know the answer to on how to find out?

Just go to the Asus website, check cpu support list. took me 10 seconds to find.

The CPUs are supported since the Sept 29/2018 BIOS update. It's impossible to know which board you will get. it may or may not have at least that version of the BIOS. You should already be updating the BIOS as soon as you buy any motherboard anyway. It's a critical step in any motherboard change. With ASUS boards you don't need a CPU in to update the BIOS last I checked. So even if it is an older BIOS then you will still be able to update it. If not then borrow someone's older CPU.
Thanks for the info and to asnwer your question; I didn’t. I didn’t think of that and when I have looked in previous cases, all it says to me is that it’s support different gens of Intel CPUs.
It doesn’t say if an BIOS update is required or not.

Well I’ve never updated an motherboard BIOS before and so far every motherboard I’ve had has worked fine for me. Plus, hearing it can brick a motherboard if done incorrectly, I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to buy a new one every other day.

Hence I’ve never stepped over the doorstep yet, as I’ve mostly lived by the quote ”better to be safe than sorry” in this case.
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