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Originally Posted by AlienALX View Post
It's uber brightness lol. I mean yeah it's a bit more in depth than that but put simply it's just the ability to be super bright without losing colour accuracy. Which as I said, is good for a TV especially if you are watching in the dark (because who wants to see grey washed out rubbish?) but I just fail to see any significance *at all* when it comes to gaming.

But, as much as it saddens me, monitors have become Epeen items and people will pay for useless tech. It's been proven many times over. OCUK is the worst. They have a million page* thread where people basically buy every new monitor that comes out. There's like these guys who serial buy monitors, then send them back when they notice a tiny bit of BLB. Some dude went through like 7. I bet they hated him

*probably highly exaggerated, but you get my point.
As bad as me and my ROG Swift epidemic albeit mine was because I was getting replacement monitors that would flicker like a strobe light, 1 was covered in actual dirt, 1 had a smell emanating from it akin to the bog of eternal stench etc etc... BLB though I could't give 2 hoots about.
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