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Add me to the list for the OC3D Wing.

I use an X52 - purchased in around 2005 and still going strong although a bit squeaky at times.

The TM 1600s are getting great reviews and are super affordable.

If it's only space sims you play then dual stick is great. You can get a left hand conversion for a lot of sticks including the warthog although it adds to the price. Two TM 1600's would be awesome as they have throttle sliders. I don't love the idea of controlling the throttle with a return to centre stick as you're always having to put pressure on it to fly forward so if you're considering dual stick then the separate throttle control would be good for the wrists. Most dualies use Pitch/Yaw on one stick, Roll/thrust on another. Use a hat for the vertical and horizontal thrusters.

Personally I'd either look at the VKB Gunfighter range or warthog for my next upgrade. In saying this I have Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals so I can go for a rudderless stick. I mainly use the twist rudder in ED but pedals for all other flight sims. I play DCS and IL-2 (both badly) but for immersion you can't beat rudder pedals. I'll see if I can use the pedals for the SRV in EliteI think that would be cool.

The only thing keeping me switching to dual stick is muscle memory. I find it weird because that's not how real planes work. Of course if you've only ever played with a game pad or don't play flight sims then it would be pretty natural to pick up.

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