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Quite literally they want blood money.

I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see publishers charge for ammo in shooters or food in survival games or fuel in racing games.
Even the companies that I thought were better than this are doing it. Its no different to Apple selling you a stand for you £5k monitor at an extra £1k, why cos some idiots are paying it.
People stop buying loot boxes and half done DLC these companies will have to find another way to get money out of us, like releasing complete and working games and worth while DLC. Or we can just keep buying hats for £5 a go.....
I paid for Minecraft and have had years of updates and content, Terraria, 8 years after release free update (that EA would have charged me for if it was for one of their games) but oh you want blood in a war game, that's an extra £2. Oh you want the 5 factions that we missed from this era and make the game miss key parts of the history, they're an extra £10 each, Oh that general that was one of the most important parts of the entire war? £5 please.
Its a good game, missing so much from the history and story but that's alright I can pay extra to have a completed game....
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