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Old 14-10-20, 05:57 PM
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Tuxedo Refresh

Giving Tuxedo a makeover for Christmas.

Carrying Over:
Seasonic Prime 1000W Gold
Lian-Li PC-011 Dynamic
Aquacomputer: Aquaero 6 LT, D5 Next, Cuplex Kryos Next, Hubby7, Splitty7
XSPC RX360 V2 Radiator
Asus Crosshair VIII Hero
Asus Hyper M.2 v2 Card
2 x Addlink S70 1TB NVMe3
Cherry MX Board 1.0
Steelseries Sensei

Selling on:
AMD R9 3900X
2 x Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB
2 x TeamGroup 8 Pack DDR3200 C14
Oculus Rift
10 x Noiseblocker PL2
XSPC 240 V2 Radiator
Dell U2518D Monitor

Coming in:
AMD Ryzen R9 59xx
AMD RX69xx
2 x Sabrent Rocket 1TB NVMe4 (Prime day specials)
2 x 16GB DDR4 C16 (Option to upgrade to 64GB in the future)
Eve Spectrum 27" 4K IPS 144Mhz
HP Reverb G2

Fans, do I go with NB Eloops, Noctua industrial or something else altogether?

Layout: At the moment I have one 360 standing vertically with a 240 on top horizontally, thinking 2 x 360 horizontally in pull on the bottom and push on the top.

CPU - 12 or 16 Core, depends on the day, hour, where the moon is on which CPU i'm leaning towards at any given time.

So at the moment Tuxedo is running ok, handles mostly everything I throw at it , just will be unable to handle a Reverb G2 so fixing that and tidying up some bits and bobs.
Ryzen R9 3900X (R9 5950X soon) | Vega VII (6800XT soon) | Asus Crosshair VIII | 32GB DDR4 3600C16 | 2 x Addlink 1TB | Asus Hyper M.2 Card V2 | 2 x Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB | 2 x Toshiba X300 4TB | AC D5 Next | | AC Cuplex Kryos Next Vario Vision | EK FC-Vega | AC Aquaero 6LT | AC Splitty7 | 360 & 240 XSPC RX Rads | Lian-Li PC-011 Dynamic
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