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Originally Posted by JR23 View Post
I suggest you respond to my comments and other peoples as a human and not a troll. Take criticism and engage with your audience, most people like what you have done, there is no need to be defensive. I've noticed you have shared this on quite a number of forums and understandably it has been deleted on some and if you don't learn to adjust your attitude to be a little more passive then it will get deleted everywhere.

I'm guessing your probably trying to get noticed by manufacturers rather than get other peoples input which I don't think is a fantastic idea given your current position. You don't really have anything to protect your IP and pushing your design around the entire internet isn't going to help. Your clearly talented in some areas but your not the first person to have a good idea. Given that less than 1 in 25 ideas that go through a full and comprehensive product development process are a commercial success just smashing into it is a terrible approach.
No need to come off as a . Just chill out. He has not once throughout this thread come off as a troll or being defensive. Think the attitude here is yours to be fair. He has only asked for feedback and questions. He's quite clearly done as you have asked-- taking critiscm and engaging his audience by responding.
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