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Originally Posted by alexhull24 View Post

Speaking of AMD, the only massive advantage this board has is SLI I would think.
There's now a hack that allows you to run SLI on any ATI/AMD chipset.

I've not tried it (obviously) but there are videos doing the rounds on Youtube ETC.

Just in the process of watching your video Tom..

I think the difference with the results over the P55 and the AMD set is the bios. Well, not strictly the bioses but the drivers communicating with the ports.

The P55 (IIRC) already allows SLI and Crossfire.. Let me check that... Yes it would seem it does. And maybe this has made it easier to integrate the Lucid chip into those boards?

Moving onto your MSI comment about how it was faster? Well, MSI have more experience with the Lucid IMO. Thus they know how to integrate it better and how to work their bios possibly? Where as Asus have never tried it before?

Things could well improve with bios updates....

I do really appreciate your honesty over it all. Most would get all excited and say how wonderful it was, but this is very misleading and can cause people to waste money. What I really respect from you guys is the fact that Asus are good to OC3D and supply us with some of the most droolworthy items, yet, there is no favoritism when reviewing their products.

I also really appreciate how you have demonstrated just how much bum that fan sucks. Most wouldn't give a crap about that noise, but times are a changing and that noise is just not acceptable any more. I know a good few people who bought the EVGA 790i board and that too had a woefully loud and obnoxious northbridge fan. The workaround was to cable tie a 92mm fan on to quieten it down, yet, not a single review mentioned this. It seems that some people think that just because a product is expensive and top of the range that it can be loud and no one should care. Olbocks !

*Hi Emma !*

Once again I appreciate your videos, your honesty and this site's integrity on being truthful and honest !

I mean, it is obviously down to the drivers, as it could be that the drivers need to be completely and utterly different to do what they do on an ATI/AMD set. Communciation between the lanes is handled by the bios at a low level IIRC via the northbridge so it may take Lucid/Hydra time to sort this out. Or, it could even be the actual bios itself?

But yes, those scores look utterly cack.
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