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TTL, I enjoyed the video of your impressions, it certainly made a much better deal of explaining what the board is really about and why it's not the stonking performance beast we were perhaps expecting.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this board has taken a LONG time to come to market, and in the previews we've actually seen various heatsink designs fitted. Why oh why did they decide that this one was the best? Looking at how it's put together, I'm almost certain a better heatsink would deal with things much more effectively anyway. Perhaps they could have bundled an add-on fan for low airflow environments (read watercooling etc) that wasn't as small any whiny and above all, not necessary for most.

The performance also seems a bit of a let down for such an expensive piece of kit. You talk about it perhaps being good for extreme overclockers, but if you look at all the features on this board, perhaps it's not aimed at them, but more at the feature nuts who want to control their board with bluetooth and run mixed cards just because they can. Some of the sentiments in this thread seem to be that the RoG boards are almost gimmicky and don't have the performance to match, especially the AMD ones. There must be an element of truth in that.

Speaking of AMD, the only massive advantage this board has is SLI I would think. You could change to a hex core and run your 460 SLI etc if you wanted to. It does seem AMD have made some headway to Intel on the CPU front, but they're still not there yet. I think you may be right that they're not extracting everything from the multi-gpu setup, but the reason is unclear. Hopefully it is just drivers as you say. I guess we'll see as the Lucid chips mature. You can't ignore the major selling point for AMD kit though. You get most of the performance and all the high end features you want for a fraction of the price. It's nice to have a top end board to play with (I have the Crosshair III Forumula) rather than a run of the mill. Still, I understand that's not everybody's cup of tea, but it makes extreme overclocking with all the bells and whistles (and bluetooth overclocking!) a bit more accessible.

Disappointed that after a massive wait this board is a bit of a flop? Yes. Would I still like to play with it and clock the nuts off my AM3 chip with my phone? Almost certainly!
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