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Hey Thanks for the insights.
I'm researching a new build now.

I've been using the FirePro v5900 and have been very happy with it - except for one thing: it doesn't seem to be compatable with Ubuntu, at least Ubuntu 12, which was the last time I tried. This isn't a major deal, since most everything I've needed to do on Linux can usually be done via laptop, i.e. not graphics heavy.

That said, a reliable graphics card for the authoring rigs is a must. Maya, Max, Blender, Adobe Suite, etc. I fear an unstable card.

For the new build, I wanted the v7900, but at 2x the price of v5900, and inlight of the below quote, and only minor difference in benchmarks, looks like v5900 will be the card of choice. Nvidia Pro cards remain cost prohibitive. (open to alternative if anyone knows any?)

Originally Posted by Estacado7706 View Post
The pricing however is a real turnoff. The main reason, as mentioned, is the amount of cards produced.
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