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Originally Posted by alpenwasser View Post
Ha, hey lutro0, great to see you here too!

Thanks a lot for that input. It's one thing when somebody does theoretical
considerations, but as I well know, that doesn't always translate to practice
as neatly as one might think, so I greatly appreciate the feedback from
somebody who has actual practical experience with this (after all, I have
done but a mere two PSUs personally, not exactly a statistcally significant
sample, and I don't have proper equipment to test my theories either).

I'll make a note of this in case I ever come across the issue again.

And thanks for the compliment, it's always nice when one's efforts are
appreciated, especially by people who have done as much as you have
for our community. I shall strive to continue my efforts to the best of
my abilities.
not a problem, there is not many of us that help others in this field so it helps when we are all on the same page
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