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Originally Posted by tinytomlogan View Post
The 780 Ti I have does 1300 with the boost and no extra volts

You have to remember silicone lottery though, it stands for GPU's more so than CPU's
You won the silicon lottery with your 780 Ti because the manufacturer probably cherry picked it and if it's not cherry picked, Then your one lucky bugger

Originally Posted by QuietOne View Post
I see people supposedly getting 1300+ with titans but running at 1.3v. I was wary of running at 1.21v so I knocked it down to 1.2v but still felt uncomfortable.

I think I will leave it at 1224/3500 which is +100Mhz core and +500Mhz Mem running at 1.18v and below 80 degrees.
Anything above what you have now is only really useful if your into benchmarking other than that I highly doubt you would notice the difference without running Fraps, Precision X or Afterburner.
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