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The 2060 Super is an 8GB card guys. Same memory config (But not chips) as an RTX 2080.

Originally Posted by Avet View Post
AMD cards are hopeless for streaming. The NVENC (new) encoder on RTX cards is out of this world good. If you wanna do any kind of streaming RTX card is practically a must. AMD shot themselves in the head (not the foot) buy completely ignoring the streaming market.
AMD's encoder isn't *that* bad, lots of people stream fine with Polaris' encoder, it's only like an 8% max perf. hit and presumably less for Navi. I don't stream myself but I've heard lots of good things about how easy it is to setup with the AMD drivers having built in one-click no-hit Twitch streaming and such.

I've heard NVidia's has better image quality but I thought you need to have like "Partner status" on Twitch to have exceptionally good encoding anyway.
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