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I gather you mean the 2070? it has more VRAM. Doesn't matter how fast a card is if it runs out of VRAM you have had it. Performance absolutely tanks.

I learned this very quickly with my Fury X cards. Once you run out of VRAM it goes to your paging file on your hard drive and performance drops by 90%. That is why the 780, even at 1080p, and other 3gb cards are theoretically useless.

Nvidia are not stupid. They know the market, and they know where it is heading. They don't dish out bargains, so the cheap cards always come hobbled with just enough VRAM. Give it two years? it's not enough any more. That is how they keep people coming back.

If we were talking about a £200 card here? fine. But seriously £400 for an entry mid level GPU that will be useless within a couple of years? yeah I couldn't do it. Not when I paid £30 more for a 2070 Super before this all began, and £360 for a 2070.

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