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Memory to 4000mhz

For the life of me I cannot get my 2 x 16 gb sticks of Trident Z CL19 4000mhz to run @ XMP 4000mhz, the best I can get is 3700mhz @ CL19.

Bios is the latest 1002.

I've tried starting from scratch (no cpu overclock) after a clear cmos and set xmp and manuall timings then worked my way up to 3700mhz but anything above this speed and the pc bootloops (doesnt even try to load windows), I think its doing memory training but fails and after a couple of restarts it asks me to press F1 to load the bios. I also raised voltage on the sticks to 1.4v and vccio / sa to 1.225 but doesnt do a thing.

So with the sticks @ 3700mhz I have tightened the timings to CL16-16-16-36 (tRFC at 440) and these pass all benchmarks, H.265 benchmark is what I use for stability testing, if I try CL15 then I get a blue screen 30 seconds into the run.

Thinking that I may have a weak CPU I got a mate to test my cpu and memory on his rig and it has no issue booting with XMP 4000mhz -ROG Maximus X Code (bios 1602).

So can anybody help me get higher bandwidth ?

The memory kit I have is on the Asus QVL list for my Z370-I tested @4000mhz (second to last on the 4000mhz list near the bottom) : http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/...368.1532099243

Thanks in advance guys

P.S. I know higher bandwidth can become pointless because of the looser timings, but I would at least like to try and see how they perform at the advertised xmp settings...


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