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Old 14-02-20, 10:32 AM
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If it's partly a learning exercise, and you want to understand the layers of software that make up a traditional OS, have lots of ability for customisation, and bucket loads of great documentation(The wiki is famous for its detail and range of topics), then I'd definitely recommend trying out ArchLinux, or a derivative like Manjaro that includes an installer and some Ubuntu-like driver management (And the option of more) to help you get started.

From there you can install more or less any Desktop Environment you want if you fancy a GUI, I wouldn't go this route for a daily driver system if its your first time with Linux though, going for something Ubuntu (Or even just Debian) based will save you headaches, but hundreds of options there.

(OS' like Arch are much longer/harder to setup, but also much easier to fix when they go wrong).
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