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Originally Posted by NeverBackDown View Post
It's open source so anyone can make a contribution for AMD or just a general performance boost. While Intel is leading the way the point behind this OS was pure speed. It only a few months ago was basically just a terminal OS. Meaning like the old DOS days. So yeah it's not nearly as heavy as other Linux distros(which are already light). That's the reason for a performance boost.

Still it's impressive but really Intel has nothing to compete with the 3990x so it of course will win. If Intel had a 64 core CPU it'd be more interesting imo
It was a joke.

Open source doesn't quite work that way. Yes, that's the spirit of things, but it doesn't mean someone's contribution will be committed. That person could fork and make their own branch, but it wouldn't be distributed by the "Official" page for these types of projects.

None of the linux servers I manage have a GUI, it's all cli. I did try using linux as my desktop OS years ago, managed to do it on my laptop for a year or two. My distro of choice back then was SUSE with KDE. Now everything I run is CentOS except on some Pi's I'm running Raspbian.
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