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Originally Posted by ImprovizoR View Post
There's only so much they can do with silicon though, right? We're almost at the end of the road.
I think 2.5 nm is sort of the minimum. But we are long way from using something other than silicon. It is not the size that matters, it is how you use it. (That is definitely not what she said ) The most important of all is density, and then the architecture itself. Current multiple patterning lithography has reached it's limit. EUV lithography is what will be the main process for a long time. And for the far future, brains at MIT and University of Colorado are working on ALE (Atomic Level Etching) technique. That is some crazy science fiction stuff. Amazeballs! Also more, and more manufacturers are turning to software optimizations, rather than raw horsepower. There is so much performance to be gained there.

Silicon is here to stay. I don't see it leaving for decades.
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