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A strange Failure mode.... Act 2

Evenin all!

So for those that are unaware, i made a post a week or so ago in regards to a strange failure mode a few gpus were showing in my household (you can read that hilarious tale here

While one gpu was genuinely faulty, the other....Well, ill explain.

I own a Corsair RM650, certified to the EUP 2013 standard.

She has been reliable, and all round, a decent 650w power supply.

I got some spectrum analysis gear in so i could help OFCOM with their task of stomping out the local interference.

It turns out (and here is the spocker!) My lovely little corsair RM650 is the a big part of that problem.

How do i know?

Whenever ANY GPU is plugged into my system, that requires at least a 6 pin input is installed, when a display is plugged in, a huge signal is detected.

You can see the large wideband signal here. (see above)

When i disconnect the display from the GPU, it dissapears. (see below)

And i hear you cry "But Sythen! Maybe its your dvi cables!? Maybe its your displays!? Maybe you're a noooooob!?"

Oh kids, dont worry, ill get to that

The signal is present whether the displays are connected on dvi, hdmi, vga, or displayport.

And to put the final nail is this Doody Sarny Coffin (keeping it PG right there!)

My venerable GT210, doesnt show any issues, at all. Its clean, there is no issues.

More checks showed that even when a display isnt connected, cranking the gain up shows the same signal, be it much weaker, when the antenna element of the spectrum analyser is placed right below the psu.

Be that as it may. I'm an engineer, failures can happen, and i wont hold it against Corsair, They have an epic warranty!

My reason for posting? Well, while i dont know how common it is for an atx psu to show this type of fault, its making folks aware that it this fault is possible.

Anyway, thanks for the ramble! First screenings in 2045 (hopefully this dosent turn into a bloody trilogy!)
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