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"Hey, I didn't order any Stere-oh, they're SSDs"

I also found a solution for the M.2. This.

No back plate so it's ideal. Poifect.

You simply fit this.

And then connect the MINI SAS cable to the drive. It's a PCIE NVME drive, but it connects with a cable (probably so you can cool it properly as it gets hot.). However, I saw the other day that the Intels are the most reliable DATA drives in the world. Even more reliable than any mech drive. Basically Google use them for their servers, and Linus has been buying some of their older smaller ones. Then a tale of woe from last night....

Last night I had one of those nights that every single one of us dreads. Like, the sort of night where it strikes fear into even the most hardened techie.

All I had to do was take the U.2 drive out of the Triad and fit two M.2 drives to my new board. Simples. I also had to fit a cooler to one M.2 drive which banana-d it and I thought I had killed that, but I digress.

I took out the U.2 host card and booted the PC. Then realised that I needed to try and clone Windows to the RAID stripe. So I put it back in, terribly fiddly horrible little screw and all. Booted into Windows and could not get it to clone so I rebooted to try again and it got to the PIN screen and the PC shut down. Hmm that's odd. Rebooted, same thing happened. Gave the wires a shove and that was it. Nothing. Dead PC. Removed the GPU and sound card still nothing. Removed the PSU cables from the board, let it sit, cleared CMOS and plugged the PSU back in. The standby light on the board was dim and flickering. I thought "Oh crap, I've either killed the PSU or board".

Reset the CMOS a few more times and still nothing. It just wouldn't start. Fiddled with the switches on the board and yay, it starts. Tried to boot, it shut down again, repeat the entire process above twice.

Then I noticed something. I noticed that my GPU had 8 pin cables on it, but one is a 6 pin. This isn't an issue at all as they are only grounds, but what I had done was slice the plastic so it fitted in the socket. Problem was it wasn't seating correctly. So I had to cut it up a bit and finally got it all working. PC booted, I installed Windows on the stripe and all was good in the world again.

But I got those chills. You know? the "OMG I just killed £1000 worth of upgrades !" and "I don't want (or can afford) to buy a new PSU or board etc".

Thank god. Somewhere in all of this the Killer wifi has vanished, but that happened before. It's a funny little module that sits under the IO, so means taking the board out. I think some Deoxit would sort it out, but I have an Asus PCIE card so that is in there now.

5 hours. 5 hours instead of what should have been 5 bloody minutes !

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