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Originally Posted by tgrech View Post
I'm not sure this is really it, but matching an RTX2080Ti would be quite easy for AMD now, as demonstrated by the fact these results are more or less exactly what you'd expect from a 64CU, 384-bit Navi card.

An RTX2080Ti is 30-40% faster than a 5700XT on average.
If you made a 64CU version of the 5700XT that's 60% more cores.
If you gave it 16Gbps chips and a 384-bit bus width (Same as RTX2080Ti) that's 70% more theoretical bandwidth than 5700XT.

So even counting for practical losses and lower clock speeds a 50% gain over the 5700XT is pretty doable. Die size should be around an RTX2070 in that scenario, which is still a good chunk larger than a Radeon VII but not exactly out of this world.
I'll believe it when I see it. Time and time again I have seen these quotes. Who remembers the titan killer aka Fury X.. yeah well we remember it for the wrong reasons.

They will just not be able to compete with the Nvidia flagship. Even if in some miracle, they are on par with the 2080ti. Nvidia will just release the 2080ti Super. That will have the world flocking for the next biggest thing meaning AMD just helped Nvidia profits soar once again.
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