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Originally Posted by DAOWAce View Post
Crisp pixels, just as they were designed to be viewed on CRTs.
Yeah this is why I like it, had a 60kg multiscan-CRT till I had to move a couple years ago because of this, high res LCDs with their interpolation ruin content designed for 360/480p/576p, doesn't just look worse with the artefacts and smudging, but sometimes nothing like the designers intended, almost in game breaking ways at times(It's way harder to spot small detail/distant in game things with that interpolation blurring every layer together). Though this is much more important for old consoles than old PC games.

At 4K it's really potent since 360p(x6), 432p(x5), 540p(x4), 720p(x3) and 1080p(x2) all integer scale perfectly with the full screen.
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