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Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
I strongly recommend you guys get this via Xbox game pass.

So far I have found this service the best one available. Just when you think PC titles are worth it, you only have to jump on your xbox to see the library open up even further.

Halo MCC
Outer World


Reach has horrid fps when unlocked as mentioned already in the article (good job mark!), but my god these games are just amazing. First person shooter in their simplicity and yet so good.

I need to look at the FoV myself, i did not notice the same limitations you had, but perhaps that is something skewed from the start for me since I use a widescreen at 3440 x 1440
The problem I had was only for that one vehicle, but it could be a simple bug. I don't have an ultrawide screen to test here to see what difference it makes.

Yeah, Game Pass is great, especially for the money that you pay for it right now. The value of Game pass alone will help Xbox a lot next-gen.

I'm surprised how well Reach holds up at high resolutions. Great models for all the main characters, well, at least for their armour (The Faces!!!!!!!! Ugh). Lots of detail that isn't really seen on the old Xbox 360 versions. Not bad for such an old game.
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